When You Don't Have Time To Pray

This lesson is the crux of the entire course. Discover key truths that will forever change the way you approach your secret place and intimacy with God! You will never be the same!


Lesson Summary

This lesson is crucial in the course, offering key truths that will change your approach to your secret place and intimacy with God:

  • We need to reshape our perspective on time spent in prayer, shifting the focus to quality over quantity.
  • Being busy doesn't necessarily equate to making a significant impact.
  • Scripture emphasizes that quality is more valuable than quantity, akin to Noah's ark over Moses' boat.
  • We should adapt to the evolving ways God leads us into deeper intimacy, as seen in Luke 21:1-4.
  • The "widow's mite" analogy illustrates that more time doesn’t always translate to a richer connection with God.
  • It's not the duration, but the depth of our spiritual nourishment that matters, with God able to multiply even the shortest moments of connection.
  • A single act of devotion can deeply touch God's heart, emphasizing the importance of quality over quantity.
  • Communication is foundational for nurturing any relationship, especially our relationship with God.
  • Eating of God's word leads to eternal life, synonymous with knowing God on an intimate level.
  • Listening to God's word is akin to consuming spiritual nourishment, fostering intimacy with Him.

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